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Saratoga Mountain Glass Works Utility Jar


UTILITY JAR, medium to deep forest green, two-piece mold cylinder, early smooth base, 5 5/16”H, crudely applied collar, mint.  Blown at the Saratoga Mountain Glass Works (Mount Pleasant), Greenfield, NY, C. 1855. 

Though not pontiled, this crude and beautiful jar is quite early, dating to the 1850s.  The gaffers at the Saratoga Mountain works were some of the earliest to employ the snap case, as evidenced by archeological findings on the site.  Classically “Mountain” in its appearance, the bottle is very crude and bubbly, blown in a “hitched” mold (see base photo) and what Don Tucker descries as an “olive emerald” in color.  Likely used interchangeably as either a blacking or a snuff, this is a top example of a very hard to find utilitarian bottle.

Want to work out a payment plan?  We can do that.  Just send me a PM and we can figure something out.  Oh, and as always, your satisfaction with the piece is unconditionally guaranteed.  We’re not happy unless you’re happy.

We have marked this pretty piece at 595 – it can be discounted to 495 on this lovely Winter evening.

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