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“FELLS” / BUST OF WASHINGTON / “POINT” – WASHINGTON MONUMENT / “BALTO”, (McK# GI-20), pale pink, pontil scar, pint, sheared and fire polished mouth, an attic quality flask with a band of light haze or residue at midbody.  Blown at the Baltimore Glass Works, Baltimore, MD, 1830-1850, very rare color for this mold.

Though sometimes catalogued as “amethystine”, the color of this gorgeous flask would better be described as “pale pink.”  Other Baltimore flasks blown in this shade include the GI-73 Taylor-Monument and the GI-71 Ringgold-Taylor.  It is the GI-20, however, that is by far the hardest of the molds to find in this pretty shade of pink.  This top of the line example is VERY strongly lettered, heavily whittled and free of wear or damage.  It is a stunningly beautiful flask!!!

Want to work out a payment plan?  We can do that.  Just send me a PM and we can figure something out.  Oh, and as always, your satisfaction with the piece is unconditionally guaranteed.  We’re not happy unless you’re happy.

Priced at an already reasonable 2500 (check your auction results, similar examples have sold for 4K or more!) we can discount this beauty to 2150.  It is a BEAUTY for sure and for certain!

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