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“VAUGHN’S – VEGETABLE / LITHONTRIPTIC – MIXTURE,” strong blue green, square, early smooth base, 6 3/8”H, applied sloping collar, an attic quality bottle with some minor exterior wear.  American, C. 1855, extremely rare color.

Lions and tigers and bears … OH MY!!!!  Hang onto your hats boys and girls – this is one whale of a good bottle.  This may well be the only known example of the small size Vaughn’s in a color other than aqua and as you’ll see from the photos, it’s an incredibly beautiful piece of glass.  Thick, heavy and PLASTERED with whittle marks, this beauty also features spiky embossing and numerous bubbles in the glass.  It is absolutely gorgeous.

Want to work out a payment plan?  We can do that.  Just send me a PM and we can figure something out.  Oh, and as always, your satisfaction with the piece is unconditionally guaranteed.  We’re not happy unless you’re happy.

This wonderful medicine bottle is marked at 2350 and it can be discounted to 1950.  It’s even prettier than my pictures would suggest!

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