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ITEM SM3. "(arabesque motif)/ DRAKES / PLANTATION / BITTERS - PATENTED / 1862," (Ring #D102), bright apricot yellow, six-log cabin, smooth base, 10 1/16"H, an attic-quality bottle in perfect condition. American, 1865-1875, rare.

Over years there has been some question as to the appropriateness of the term "attic mint" but in this instance, the usage cannot be questioned. While working on a job site in central New Hampshire a local friend had the unenviable task of tearing out a plaster and lath 2nd floor ceiling. Perhaps owing to the odious nature of the job good fortune smile on him when out tumbled a half-dozen bottles, including a GVIII-16 sunburst (which he will not part with) and this beautiful arabesque Drakes. Although it is not my preference to do so, I decided to "clean" the bottle in hopes of determining the color (a "before" picture is included) and the purists among you will be happy to hear that I saved both labels (which will be included in the listed price) while at the same time revealing a startlingly beautiful yellow bottle with strong apricot tones. Arabesque Drakes in this color are RARE and although the bottle literally bounced on the floor when it fell from the attic, it survived with nary a scratch.



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