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ITEM MK10. "(arabesque motif)/ DRAKES / PLANTATION / BITTERS - PATENTED / 1862," (Ring #D102), light to medium strawberry puce, six-log cabin, smooth base, 10 1/16"H, ½" x 3/8" bubble burst on a corner log at the base edge. American, 1865-1875, rare.

It has been more than five years since we last owned an arabesque Drakes and within a week we acquired two of them. Who can figure? Although it is not technically perfect, this is unquestionably the "prettier" of the two arabesque Drakes we are offering and it is the only puce example in this light shade of color I can recall seeing or handling. The astute collector will also note the incredible strength of embossing (the arabesque motifs are notoriously weak) - probably the best we have seen on a bottle blown in this rare mold.



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