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JNH10. FREEBLOWN GLOBULAR BOTTLE, clear, brilliant straw yellow, tubular pontil scar, 11 5/8"H x 9"D at widest point, crudely applied mouth, a mint bottle with an open interior bubble that retains some contents residue. Probably blown at an early Connecticut Glass Works, 1783-1830.

Handsome in form and BRILLIANT in color, this top-of-the-line globular bottle is an exceptional example of the table wares produced in New England at or around the turn of the 19th century. Bottles of this type were often protected by wicker and that would probably best explain the survival of this remarkably thin and delicate glass object. Most often found in deeper earth tones, this bottle is instead YELLOW in color and the glass is filled with a dizzying array of seedy bubbles and swirl lines. As noted, there is a large bubble in the shoulder that retains some content residue but we have never seen the need to disturb what are arguably the remants of the original contents. The bottle is otherwise perfect, with no damage or distracting wear. We have bought and sold numerous globular bottles in the past but none can match the beauty of this exceptional piece. This is a first time offering for the bottle and as with everything that we sell, we GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction. THIS IS THE ONE TO OWN!



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