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ITEM 9566. "ST / DRAKES - 1860 / PLANTATION - X / BITTERS," olive yellow, six-log cabin, smooth base, 10"H, applied sloping collar, about mint (pinhead sized spot of lip edge roughness). American, 1860-1870. Rare color.

Six log Drakes can be collected in a multitude of colors with those in the green family among the most desirable. Though not a pure green, this wonderful example exhibits a very strong olive green tone that shows itself clearly in any and every lighting situation. As shown, the bottle is very well blown with crisp mold detailing and strongly embossed lettering. The glass is filled with tiny bubbles and the panels bow outward slightly, lending a pleasing overall crudity. The noted lip roughness is mentioned solely for accuracy - it is not a distraction and the bottle is otherwise absolutely perfect with no damage or wear. Make no mistake, this is an exceptionally fine bottle that would be welcomed in the most advanced of collections.




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