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ITEM 9515. "U.S.A / HOSP. DEPT" WITH ORIGINAL "VINUM ALBUM / U.S. ARMY LABORATORY / ASTORIA, L.I." LABEL, clear olive amber, cylindrical, smooth base, 9 ¼"H, applied double collar, mint. American, 1860-1870.

Our current offerings include numerous USA Hospital Department bottles collected over several decades. This collection is arguably the most comprehensive ever assembled and we are proud to promote what we believe to be the finest examples in this large and impressive grouping.

Another of the stars from the collection is this wonderful labeled example. Over the years we have seen a few Hospital bottles with labels but they have been later additions. To my knowledge this is one of very few (if not the only) known example with a label specifically denoting the original contents and including the wording "U.S. Army Laboratory." The bottle itself is a gem as well and decidedly lighter than most in this general color range. The bottle and label make for a great package and an important addition to a comprehensive collection of Hospital bottles.




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