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ITEM 7495. MULTI-SIDED UTILITY BOTTLE, golden olive amber, octagonal, pontil scar, 7 3/8"H, crudely applied mouth, about mint (shallow, bean-sized open bubble on a panel edge). New England, probably Connecticut, 1790-1820, very rare.

This superb Connecticut bottle is the fifth of its type that we have encountered, each of which was blown with the aid of the same dip mold. A similar bottle (found in New England) is photographed and described by Helen McKearin on Plate 72 #7 in "American Bottles, Flasks and their Ancestry." McKearin catalogues the bottle as late 18th century and possibly Pitkin or Germantown in origin. Our personal belief is that the bottle is Pitkin made, as the metal and pontil scar match with known Pitkin objects. Similarly shaped bottles were blown in England but make no mistake, this is indeed a New England bottle and a rare one at that.



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