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ITEM 6975. "BROWN'S / CELEBRATED / INDIAN HERB BITTERS - PATENTED / 1868", (Ring# B225), bright yellow amber, figural Indian maiden, smooth base, 12 1/4"H x 3 1/4"D, inwardly rolled mouth, a true attic bottle presented in as found condition with some remnants of the original paint and some interior haze and residue. American, C. 1870.

This fresh to the market find is presented exactly as it was found with no attempts made to clean or polish. It appears that much of the interior residue would wash with soap and water but it is possible that some would prefer to have the interior cleaned professionally. The exterior would most certainly clean with a little elbow grease but the piece is left "as is" for those who would prefer to keep the attic surface. As is often the case, the bottle is lightest in the upper third (lots of yellow!) and darker towards the base. The embossed lettering and mold detailing is as crisp as any Queen we have sold and the mouth, though crude, is free of damage.



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