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"J.A. & W. BIRD & CO. / NO. 53 / CHATHAM ST. / BOSTON," clear flint glass with a grey cast, two-piece mold cylinder, tubular pontil scar, 9 ¼"H, applied square collar, about mint (pinhead-sized lip flake and some minor exterior wear). American, probably blown at a South Boston Glass Works, C. 1840, very rare.

Until laying eyes on this beautiful piece our only previous exposure to a bottle with this embossing had been a black and white photo in the Greer catalog. As with many of the bottles in that massive collection the piece went largely unnoticed at the time and if it had even half the character of this example, that's a travesty. Impressively sized and "hammered" with whittle, this exciting bottle is blown from a high grade of flinty metal that exhibits a distinct grey cast. The quality of the glass stands in stark contrast to the typical bottle glass of the era and is indicative of manufacture at one of the tableware houses located in South Boston at the time. This is to my eye a GREAT bottle and certainly something that should not be overlooked today.





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