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ITEM 6302. "LYNCH & CLARKE / NEW YORK," (similar Tucker# C-2:B Type 1), olive green, four-piece mold cylinder, sand chip pontil scar, pint, applied sloping collar with ring, a mint bottle with two pinhead-sized spots of lip edge roughness. Blown at the Mount Vernon Glass Works, Mount Vernon, NY, C. 1830, scarce.

This attractive mineral water bottle was collected by a Massachusetts couple in the 1950s and stowed away in newsprint since in the early 1960s. The collection has just recently come to light (last Friday, in fact!) and our current postings include more than a dozen bottles and flasks carefully selected from a collection of more than fifty objects.

It is this bottle's brilliant glass, boldly embossed lettering and longer than normal neck that make an immediate impression upon the seasoned collector. It is close inspection however, that reveals the bottle's most interesting trait, as careful study indicates that the piece was almost certainly blown in a four piece mold. Though not unknown, this method of manufacture is certainly uncommon and I believe this beautiful bottle to have been blown in a mold used for only a short period of time.






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