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ITEM 6209. HANDLED BLOWN THREE MOLD SHOT GLASS, (McK# GII-16), clear flint glass, cylindrical with applied solid glass handle, pontil scar, 1 ¾"H, sheared and fire polished mouth, about mint (a 1/8" heat check in the handle is well hidden behind the rigaree). American, 1820-1840, extremely rare.

Of the three known GII-16 handled shot glasses this is unquestionably the finest. It is of course the outrageously oversized handle treatment that puts this piece "over the top," making what is in fact a diminutive object command attention even when displayed among significantly larger objects. The noted heat check is small and slight enough for it to be a non-issue and in fact what my eyes are seeing may be a reflection from the handle curl. In either case, the flaw (or perceived flaw) does nothing to diminish the aesthetic appeal or historic significance of this uniquely proportioned blown three mold object.




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