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ITEM 6200. FREEBLOWN OR DIP MOLDED DECANTER, deep orange amber, cylindrical, pontil scar, 10 ¼"H, sheared and tooled mouth with pour spout, a mint bottle with the expected usage wear. American, probably blown at a Midwestern Glass House, 1820-1840, extremely rare. Ex. Darl Fifer Collection.

This highly unusual table decanter or serving bottle is to our knowledge unique. The bottle was formerly included in a noted collection of Midwestern Glass where it was catalogued as having been made at Zanesville. The bottle's glass color and texture are consistent with that of documented Zanesville objects and thus we have no reason to question that attribution. The neck is slightly offset to facilitate pouring and having actually "used" the decanter in the past I can assure the buyer that does its job admirably. Good overall wear indicates that the piece was a regular fixture on a 19th century table.





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