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ITEM 6157. PATTERN MOLDED POCKET FLASK, deep aquamarine, 22 vertical ribs, deep aquamarine, pontil scar, 4 ½"H, sheared and fire polished mount, a mint flask exhibiting the expected usage wear. American, probably blown at a Mid-Atlantic States Glass House, late 18th century.

A first glance, one would assume that this chunky little pocket flask was 19th century and Midwestern but more careful study reveals that it is likely earlier and probably blown along the Eastern Seaboard. Several clues have led me to this attribution and they include (but are not restricted to) the following characteristics. First, the "squattiness" of the form is more akin to Steigel-type bottles than to those blown in the Midwest. Second, the rib count is not something associated with Midwestern wares. In addition, the delicate ring pontil mark and pointed kick up (created by use of the molette) hearken back to an earlier age and parallel objects with a sound 18th century New Jersey attribution.



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