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ITEM 6144. BLOWN GLASS PITCHER, deep aquamarine, cylindrical with bulbous body and applied solid glass handle, pontil scar, 5 7/8"H, sheared and tooled mouth with pour spout, a mint pitcher exhibiting the expected usage wear. American, blown at a New York State or New Hampshire Glass House, 1830-1850.

Purchased nearly a decade ago from Norm Heckler, this soulful pitcher has resided in our corner cupboard ever since. Although probably Western New York State in origin, it is also possible that this pitcher was blown at Keene. In either case, the workmanship is exemplary and indicative of the handiwork of a skilled gaffer. As evidence by the heavy base edge wear, the pitcher was well loved and used on the table for many years. The piece retains the labels of a pioneer collector on the base in addition to a Skinners sales tag from the 70s. Although it is not as flashy as some of the pitchers we have sold this has always been one of our favorites because of its strong, simple lines and ample evidence of usage.




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