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 ITEM 5889. PATTERN MOLDED GLOBULAR BOTTLE, yellow with an olive tone, 24 ribs swirled to the left, pontil scar, 8 ½"H, outwardly folded mouth, mint. Midwestern, probably blown at the Zanesville Glass Works, Zanesville, OH, 1820-1840, rare color.

Proudly presented and offered just as found last week in a local home is this spectacular Ohio bottle. As shown, the bottle was "enhanced" during the Victorian era with a painted floral spray - the paint could easily be wiped clean but I will leave that up to the next owner. There are two unusual depressions on the body where the bottle does not appear to be fully blown but with that said, the mold impression remains abnormally strong. The ribbing in the neck area is particularly exquisite and the overall form is superb. This is not simply a "good one" but rather a GREAT one!


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