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ITEM 5726. "A.M. BININGER & CO. / NO. 375 BROADWAY, N.Y.," brilliant strawberry pink, square with beveled edges, early smooth base, 9 ¾"H, applied sloping collar, mint. American, 1865-1875, rare color.

Among the most elusive and desirable of the Bininger bottles are those with the 375 Broadway address blown in shades of puce. We have seen a handful of these bottles over the years and surmised that they were blown in Baltimore, as the peculiar shade of color is a close match to known Baltimore flasks. Primarily red with strong pink tones, the Bininger case bottles we have seen in this general color range have been as a rule quite dark but as the photos show, this spectacular example passes light easily from top to bottom, making it an outstanding window bottle and one of our most exciting finds this year.


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