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ITEM 5663. "JELLY OF / POMEGRANATE / PREPARATE - BY / DR. GORDAK / ONLY," (Greer #949), greenish aquamarine, pontil scar, 7 1/8"H, flared lip and expanded mouth, a mint bottle exhibiting some minor exterior wear. American, C. 1830, a scarce bottle that is rarely found in undamaged condition.

We have seen perhaps a dozen of these interesting bottles over the 15 years in which we have been dealing and collecting but this is the first to my memory that does not have some form of lip damage. As a collector of jars and wide mouth utility bottles I have always admired the form and construction of this piece and strongly believe it to a decade or two earlier than most pontiled medicine bottles, probably dating to the late 1820s or early 1830s. As is typical of the mold some of the embossed lettering is weak but as noted previously, there is no damage and as shown, the piece is overflowing with character and crudity.


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