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ITEM 5025. "DR. GUYSOTT'S - COMPOUND EXTRACT / OF YELLOW DOCK - & SARSAPARILLA", (similar to Greer #702), strong bluish aquamarine, square, sand chip pontil scar, 9 ½" H, applied sloping collar, mint. American, probably blown at the Albany Glass Works, Albany, NY, C. 1850, extremely rare.

Blown in the same mold as the elusive olive green Guysott bottles, this is the very first example of its type that we have encountered. The observant collector will note that like the Townsend bottles also blown in Eastern New York this piece exhibits "fine line" embossing rather than the heavy lettering typically found on bottles of the period. There has been documentation of Guysott bottle shards found at or near the site of the Albany works but it is also possible that the piece was blown at the nearby Saratoga Mountain Glass Works. In either case, this is a STUNNING piece of glass that is awash in a myriad of seedy bubbles and blown from a strongly tinged batch of deep bluish aquamarine metal. If you are an advanced collector of pontiled medicine bottles you will not want to miss this important piece!


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