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ITEM 3846. UMBRELLA INK, red, octagonal, pontil scar, 2 7/16"H x 2 3/8"D, crudely tooled and inwardly folded mouth, about mint (1/8" base edge flake). American, C. 1850, rare color.

Definitely not amber and probably not "puce" (though it looks to be so in some lights), this ink is instead primarily just plain old "red" with a touch of orange. I have seen a few of these shouldered little beauties over the years (most in a similar shade of color) and they have always struck me as being Baltimore in origin rather than "Stoddard" as some folks might believe. In either case, true red is a tough color to find in any bottle, much less a pontiled one, and even if you have a string of umbrella inks you will be able to find a spot for this pretty little bottle.


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