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ITEM 2441. BEVERAGE BOTTLE, olive green, three-piece mold cylinder, tubular pontil scar, 6 3/4"H x 3"D, applied sloping collar, a mint bottle with a partially open bubble on the shoulder. American, probably blown at the Mount Vernon Glass Works, Mount Vernon, NY, 1820-1840, a scarce early form.

This fine American ale bottle is clearly related to a pair of ale bottles that we sold several years ago (you can reference that pair at the following address:, as the bottle shares the distinctive "dip" in the horizontal mold marking that characterized what we then referred to as bottles that were PROBABLY blown at the Mount Vernon Glass Works. Over the past several years we have found additional information that supports that assertion and we are pleased to offer yet another of these Mount Vernon beverage bottles, just the third of which we have encountered in our travels. The bottle is wonderfully crude and quite heavy with a VERY jagged pontil scar and a distinct mold mark/depression at the base edge. A small bubble is open on the shoulder but this is a simple manufacturer's flaw that does not detract one


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