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ITEM 2366. BLOWN THREE MOLD PITCHER, (unrecorded mold similar to McK#GII-33), clear, globular with applied semi-ear shaped handle, pontil scar, 5 1/2"H blown in a quart sized decanter mold, sheared and tooled rim with pour spout, mint. Blown at a Midwestern (probably Mantua, Ohio) Glass Works, 1820-1840, extremely rare pattern, exceptional form.

Definitively Midwestern in form and execution, this spectacular blown-three-mold pitcher is most likely the product of the Mantua Glass Works. The pitcher is blown in a decanter mold that is similar, but not identical to the extremely rare GII-33 pattern. (We say that the pattern is "similar" because we count 36 vertical flutes above and below the band of diamonds rather than the 39 noted by Harry Hall White. This could, of course, be a misprint rather than an undocumented mold, but as the number of 39 is also recorded by the McKearins in "American Glass," it seems more likely that the decanter mold used as the basis for the pitcher is an undocumented variation of GII-33.) As shown, the pitcher's stout, semi-truncated lines mimic the form of several pattern molded Ohio pitchers documented by the McKearins, although it differs markedly from the "typical" form of blown-three-mold pitchers. (See "American Glass" Plate 9, Number 2 and Plate 118, Number 1. Also, please note the similarity of this pitcher to the line drawing for GII-33 in the blown-three-mold charts.) And, though the pitcher is not colored, the form and distinctive pattern in which it is blown make this a VERY important piece of American Glass.



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