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ITEM 2327. UMBRELLA INK, brilliant purple amethyst, octagonal, smooth base, 2 5/8"H x 2 3/8"D, inwardly rolled mouth, mint. American, C. 1865, rare color.

This astounding umbrella ink was discovered in Maine roughly six years ago and though the piece has changed hands several times between my friend Drew Simmons and myself, the bottle has not been "on the market" since its original sale on eBay in the mid90s. We sold a similar umbrella late last year and though we at that time noted that "none can match the eye appeal of (this) smooth based beauty," I happily stand corrected, as this little gem is equally beautiful and perhaps even a bit cruder. Best of all, the piece is a clearer amethyst than other examples in this color range and as a result, one does not need strong backlighting to bring out the brilliance of the color. It should also be noted that the piece is of attic quality and it is NOT a dug bottle as are most of the known amethyst umbrellas. We are VERY pleased to offer this fine ink and as with any piece that we sell, we GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction. THIS IS A GREAT ONE!!!!


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