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ITEM 2209. LOT OF TWO LABELED BITTERS INCLUDING: "ATWOODS GENUINE VEGETABLE PHYSICAL JAUNDICE BITTERS / PORTLAND, ME" AND "REED'S STOMACH BITTERS / NEW HAVEN, CONN.", aquamarine and clear, cylindrical, smooth bases, 6 7/8"H and 6 9/16"H, applied square collar and hand tooled square collar, two mint bottles exhibiting minor label wear. American, 1870-1890, very scarce.

Each of the labeled bitters included in this lot is a scarce item but it is the sample sized "Reed's Stomach Bitters" that is in our eyes the "gem" of the pair. Both bottles are mint (the unembossed Atwoods bottle is also particularly crude and heavily whittled) with each of the two labels exhibiting only minor wear. The labeled Atwoods predates the embossed "Georgetown, Mass." bottles, bearing an 1863 patent date upon the label. It is also interesting to note that the label indicates that the bitters contained within were prepared by Portland, Maine's Nathan Wood, who is listed as the "Sole Proprietor." The Reeds bottle is somewhat later but it is a rare bottle put out by New haven, Connecticut merchant George Reed, who is better known for his "Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic" bottles.




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