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HB3. "NATIONAL / BITTERS - PATENT / 1867", (Ring# N8), medium to deep burgundy, figural ear of corn, smooth base, 12 1/4"H x 2 3/4"D, crudely applied mouth with ring, 1/16" lip flake and a shallow 3/8" base edge bruise. American, 1875-1885, very scarce.

This boldly embossed Corn is a deep burgundy in color and it is brighter than color than most National Bitters blown in this shade of puce. The bottle appears quite dark in room light but when held to the sky, the glass burns a deep red with purple highlights. The noted base ring bruise is located opposite the embossing and it is not apparent upon display. If you could find one, a perfect example of this bottle would command well in excess of $2000.



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