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 ITEM# JNH36. PAIR OF EARLY UTILITY BOTTLES, olive green and forest green, cylindrical, pontil scars, 6"H x 3"D, applied mouths, mint with some minor wear and scuffing. Probably blown at the Mount Vernon Glass Works, Vernon, NY, 1830-1844, rare.

Blown in the identical mold but notably different in color and mouth application, this pair of utility bottles dates to the 1830s and both pieces are most likely blown at the Mount Vernon Glass Works. The bottles were purchased separately over a span of several years, with one piece formerly included in the noted Crawford Wettlaufer collection and the other discovered in the famed Capital District privy that also accounted for half-a-dozen Brinckerhoff's and numerous Phoenix Bitters. Both pieces have stood proudly in our collection for several years now and they are to our knowledge extremely rare, as we have not seen nor heard of another example. The bottles are historically significant in their use of the three-piece mold and squat form, as the bottles predate by several decades the stubby beers and ales typically associated with New England and New York State Glass Houses. The condition of both bottles is extraordinary, with the forest green piece exhibiting some minor wear at the high points - the bottles are otherwise perfect and they will make a fine addition to any discriminating collection of early American utilitarian glass!


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