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BC16. "WEYMAN'S / COPENHAGEN / TRADE (MONOGRAM) MARK / SNUFF" WITH ORIGINAL "WEYMAN'S COPENHAGEN SNUFF PITTSBURGH, PA." GLASS LID, (RB7# 2950), bright orange amber, two-piece mold wax sealer, smooth base, quart, applied mouth with wax seal groove, dug and lightly cleaned to near perfection. Probably blown at a Pittsburgh District Glass Works, C. 1875, a scarce jar that is rarely encountered with an original amber glass lid.

This scarce wax seal snuff jar is only rarely encountered with its original amber lid (we know of only one other) and as shown, the jar displays impressively. As noted, the piece has been cleaned but only lightly so, as the glass retains brilliant luster and there is nominal evidence of ground wear. The jar was almost certainly blown at one of the Pittsburgh Glass Works and the piece dates to the mid-1870s.


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